President’s Message

It is with humility, honor and hope that I serve as President of the NAACP Houston Branch and to be a member of the Nation’s oldest and largest Civil Rights Organization (NAACP). Founded on the very noble principle to ensure Justice, Equality, Fairness for “ALL” Americans. It was also formed under a very dark cloud of social injustice, racial hatred and discrimination against the rights of American citizens. Unfortunately that very same cloud looms today. Therefore, the “struggle” for Justice, Equality, Fairness and the Right to Vote for “all” Americans continues.


Executive Director – Website Greeting


As Executive Director of our NAACP Houston Branch, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our branch website.

For over 104 years, the NAACP has been speaking out against political, social and economic injustice.  Likewise, our Houston NAACP has experienced a 95-year history and is considered one of the Association’s oldest and continually active braches. 


April Medical Minute

Are you sneezing and wheezing and getting little relief of your allergies this summer?  Here are some options for types of medicine available at your local CVS:Decongestants—constrict blood vessels & decrease congestion; taken as pills or as a nasal spray ; Antihistamines—Block the action of histamine;; Mast cell inhibitors—sprays that interfere with the chemical reactions leading to histamine release; and Topical corticosteroids—sprays that decrease swelling in the nasal passages.  Ask your CVS pharmacist what might be best for your symptoms!  Find YOUR CVS at


Carol Moore
NAACP Health Committee Chair