The opportunity is yours to join the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the world.  Join the many proud card carrying members of the NAACP.  Membership rates vary  but the basic Adult Membership starts at $30 annually or $75 annually.  A complete listing is below.

Annual Memberships

  • Regular Adult  for ages 21 & older:  $30
  • Youth with Crisis Magasine for ages 20 & younger:$15
  • Youth without Crisis Magazine for ages 17 or younger: $10
  • Women in the NAACP (WIN) must have a Regular Adult Membership first:  $10
  • Corporate Member for corporate partners:  $5000

Life Memberships

  • Junior Life only for ages 13 or under – DOB required: $100  (or installments of $25)
  • Bronze Life only for ages 14-20:  $100 (or installments of $50 or more)
  • Silver Life for adult members: $750 (or installments of $75 or more)
  • Small Business is for a businesses entity (small businesses, churches, etc. not individuals): $750 (or installments of $75 or more)
  • Gold Life is only available to Silver or Regular Life members: $1500 (or installments of $150 or more)
  • Diamond Life is only available to fully paid Gold Life members: $2500 (or installments of $250 or more)