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Still Fighting for Justice for Robbie Tolan
The battle for justice for Robbie Tolan is still ongoing! For those who are unfamiliar with the stor [more]

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Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act
From the days of lynchings through the years of Jim Crow laws, and even today capital punishment has always been deeply Read More
To Help Protect African Americans And Other Racial, Ethnic And Religious Minorities From Illegal Stops By Law Enforcemen Read More
2014 Toyota SWAC Football Championship
SWAC Championship Tickets On Sale Now Football Ticket Presale Opens Today with General Public On Sale Opening August 28 Read More
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Medical Minute #10
This summer, be familiar with the potential symptoms that come with Heat Exhaustion, including:   body temp 100°F; low blood pressure; fast pulse; moist skin and sweating; muscle cramps and tenderness; nausea and vomiting; dizziness or lightheadedness; confusion; and headaches. Circumvent this problem by avoiding prolonged exposure to high temperatures; drinking lots of fluids (preferably sports drinks, which contain both salt and sugar), and take frequent breaks in the shade. During heat waves, find air-conditioning by moving indoors or go to a shelter. This is especially important for elderly adults! For more information about the effects of heat, visit one of our certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants at your nearest Minute Clinic! . Carol Moore NAACP Health Committee Chair [more]
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Executive Director Greeting
As Executive Director of our NAACP Houston Branch, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our branch web Continue Reading >>
President’s Message
It is with humility, honor and hope that I serve as President of the NAACP Houston Branch and to be Continue Reading >>